About Us

Owner of Bikiniland, Daianne Passarin Mauer is a loving mom and a driven entrepreneur. Born and raised in Brasil, and lover of all things in the sun, she created and grew one of the most successful online swimwear shops in her country, Morango Brasil. Upon her recent move to beautiful Miami Florida, she decided to bring her love of swimwear to the states!


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Brazilian swimwear is known for its quality, design and knowhow. Everything we do is focused on our customers satisfaction, bringing innovative designs, materials and of course, always making sure to protect our beaches and environment, so none of our products use any textiles or materials that are hazardous to our paradise.


All of our products are made by incredible Brazilian Swimwear Designers. We're bringing our love of the beach, sun, and all things swimwear to the rest of the world! 


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